Monday, January 12, 2009

A letter from a friend

My mind can't even yet grasp all of the love and care that we received when Bob was ill. I'm still coming "out of a fog" and really processing all that we received through God working through others.

I want to tell you about one special person that God worked through in our lives and his name is Dick Haines. We had known Dick and his wife Karen through our Church for over 15 years, but were never super close. Dick has fought cancer in the past himself and when Bob was diagnosed Dick told him that he would be sure and call Bob all the time and support him whenever needed. For the past four years Dick did just that, he called Bob often to check on how he was doing. Two years ago when Bob needed rides to chemo because I was working Dick was ready and eager to take him. Not only did he take him, he would wait for him to have his appointment with the doctor and be hooked up to the chemo drugs. Dick would stay for quite awhile to talk to Bob and keep him company. One time I showed up unexpected and I felt like a 3rd wheel and excused myself to get some lunch because I could tell I had intruded on a special time.

During Bob's last month or so Dick visited a lot! He even came from Portland the night Bob was stung by the yellow jackets to take him to the hospital so that I could stay home with our very scared kids. When we had our yard party he delivered his rather large trailer so that we could load debris in it and he even hauled it away and disposed of the yard debris for us. Sometimes he would just sit with Bob and talk and the last time he visited just 3 weeks before Bob's death they played cards and talked. Actually, that wasn't the last time he visited, he visited about a week before Bob's death and Bob was essentially in a coma, but Dick stayed by his side and held Bob's hand and talked to him. Dick got very excited when he saw Bob's eyes open a little. I'm sure Bob was struggling to communicate with his special friend.

While planning Bob's memorial service the pastors and I agreed that if we let people come up and speak without being pre-planned it could be lengthy. Instead we had family and one friend speak who had told us ahead of time that they wanted to. I found out later that Dick had planned something to say. I promised him that I would get it out to Bob's friends and family.

Thanks are a wonderful friend and Bob loved you a lot!!!

This is what Dick has to say about his friend Bob:

My Friend Bob,

My friend Bob would always greet you with a smile, a laugh, and a hug letting you know that he was glad to see you.

My friend Bob always had his Faith up front leading his way.

My friend Bob always indicated that Michelle was the love of his life and was never afraid to show it.

My friend Bob’s eyes always lit up when Josh or Bekka would enter the room.

My friend Bob would always discuss his whole family with love and devotion.

My friend Bob loved long talks about friends, family, Faith, current events, and baseball.

My friend Bob wanted to know how you and yours were doing first regardless of what his situation was.

My friend Bob demonstrated to all what a friend should be.

My friend Bob loved to play card games. Winning or losing never mattered.

My friend Bob loved to laugh and joke. His humor was special.

My friend Bob loved his scouts.

My friend Bob had a positive attitude that never failed him and he demonstrated it at every turn.

My friend Bob was quite a friend and I was blessed to call him my friend.

Yes, we will all miss my friend Bob.


Mama Voss said...

What a great friend...

Goofy said...

Hi Michelle! I miss seeing your smiling face at P.P. :)

BTW- I tagged you. Come see my blog for instructions if you want to play. :)