Monday, January 12, 2009

Some unexpected love notes I am again. I couldn't post until I could get rid of the Christmas border and it took me a long time to change it, hopefully that'll go smoother next time.

The kids and I are in the process of updating our bedrooms with new flooring and furniture. Today I was cleaning out my dresser by putting my clothes into boxes and removing the shelf paper. Honestly, I don't remember putting these there, but I found several "heart notes" that Bob had written to either myself or the kids over the years. If Bob went away over night or just because he was work, he'd put these under our pillows, taped to the mirror, in my coffee cup :)
These are just some of the special things we are missing without our wonderful daddy and husband around.

(If you see Mimi or Lual on the notes....that's me:)


The Feeney Family said...

Michelle, These are so special! How amazing of him to cut them into hearts, decorate them and leave them in special places for all of you! Thank you so much for sharing. -Stacy

Rachel said...

what a treasure!!!